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We want to see the BEST you, that's why we're telling you exactly what to expect and exactly...

How we Recruit...

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We want to make you feel at ease, so we keep it simple!
So, you might be interested in a role at Bensons?

To help you to prepare and give your best performance during your interview, we have prepared some guidance below about our interview process and what happens next.

We hope you find it useful. If you have any feedback or questions regarding a role we would love to hear from you!
Stage 1

The Recruitment Process

We always look to recruit the right people, in the right roles, in the right places! We have a simple but effective process. Once you apply for a role, we will assess your CV and your suitability for that position and if we believe you're right for us and we're right for you then you'll move onto stage 2...
Stage 2

The Interview process

Interviews have historically been in person or ‘face to face’ at the location where the role is based. However we have also introduced interviews by video or ‘online’ call for occasions where we need to recruit but it’s not possible to meet in person. The recruitment team will advise you of the location of your interview when booking it in. More detail on our interview process is further down...
Stage 3

what happens then?

If you've got to this stage, you'll be interviewed and your answers will be scored against our competency criteria to assess if you’ve demonstrated the behaviours and competencies required. Once all shortlisted candidates have been interviewed, you'll be notified of the outcome. If you've been successful you will receive a phone call to offer you the role and agree a start date if you choose to accept the offer. On acceptance of an offer, we will send you your offer pack. Ahead of your start date, your manager will be in touch to confirm arrangements for your first day and answer any other questions you may have!
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We want you to feel comfortable!

We want you to feel comfortable and ready, have a look at this quick guide on how we interview and what the steps will be until you're in bed with Bensons...